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Selecting the optimum sanitary gaskets for specific applications requires the understanding of the expected process environment, the cleaning and sterilization processes employed and the physical properties and chemical resistance of the material from which the sanitary gasket has been fabricated.

In general, the guiding principle in sanitary gasket selection should be "value in use". Sanitary gaskets constructed of standard materials may suffice in a given production process but fail when exposed to higher temperature steam or caustic cleaning fluids. Typically, the higher cost of a high performance sanitary gasket can be recouped many times over by its long service life. Selecting the proper high performance sanitary gasket can increase the mean time between failure, (MTBF) thereby preventing costly unscheduled down time. Dangerous leakage and product contamination can also be eliminated by the selection of the optimum sanitary gasket.

At heart of a high performance sanitary gasket, is the material from which it has been fabricated. Process Technologies offers three materials that have the mechanical properties and chemical/caustic/steam resistance to provide superior service in a wide range of aggressive pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food and beverage production processes:

Sanifluor® 1000 — (Aflas®  Formulation)
Tyfluor™ — (Modified PTFE)
Viton® Extreme

Sanifluor® 1000, Tyfluor™ and Viton® Extreme each has superior properties that allow them to provide long life and excellent service where, EPDM, FKM and Silicone products fail. They perform in the most challenging SIP (steam in place), CIP (clean in place) and WFI (water for injection) sterilization processes.

While these three specialty materials have excellent sealing capabilities and broad chemical compatibility, each has unique properties and capabilities that can make it the optimum choice for a specific application.

We encourage you to consider and evaluate one of these materials for your most stringent sanitary gasket applications. Each is available in all sanitary gasket sizes for Tri-Clover® Tri-Clamp® fittings.

To select the optimum material for your application, see the appropriate Product Information Sheet and the Chemical Compatibility Guide or consult with Process Technologies at 610-603-7546. Email