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Process Technologies, Inc. offers six categories of high performance and value line products all of which have been carefully selected for their proven ability to reduce production down time, extend equipment life and lower operating costs.

Sealing Devices – An extensive line of sealing devices including engineered mechanical seals, OEM replacement seals, hydraulic seals, pneumatic seals, O-Rings, specialty sealing elements, gaskets and packings.

Process Pumps – Pumps for just about any application including: Centrifugal, Air Operated Diaphragm, Positive Displacement, Magnetic Drive, Vertical Turbine, Gear, Self-Priming.

Advanced Reinforced Coatings – High performance coatings that create engineered surfaces that extend equipment life by resisting abrasion corrosion and chemical attack.

Maintenance Specialty Products – High quality, state of the art, cleaners, lubricants, corrosion control products, that provide cost effective solutions to numerous maintenance procedures.

Industrial Floorings & Linings – Complete line of concrete repair and resurfacing products including: Epoxies, Urethane Cement, Poyester, Vinyl Ester, Grouts and Decorative Top Coats.

Bearing Protection – Reliable sealing devices, high quality greases & lubricating oils and patented lubricator.