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Process Technologies offers many products and services that meet the specific needs of the Pulp and Paper Industries. Several of our products have been specifically designed to operate flawlessly in caustic as well as abrasive slurry environments. We provide highly reliable sealing devices that greatly reduce or eliminate water consumption on rotating equipment. Our field proven sealing products reduce maintenance costs by reducing the mean time between planned maintenance (MTBPM) intervals.

Our products and services designed to meet the needs of the Pulp and Paper Industry include:

Mechanical Seals
Flushess Sealing Solutions
Split Mechanical Seal Designs
Agitator Sealing Solutions
Sealing Solutions
High Performance Pump Packings
High Performance Lubricants
Single Point & Multi Point Lubricators
Abrasion Control Coatings for Metal & Concrete
Pump Repair
Turnkey Floor Coating & Repair Systems

Solutions for the Pulp & Paper Industry