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Custom Packaging Company experienced major, repetitive maintenance costs on its Molding Machines. These machines form pulp fibre packaging products used as protective packing in shipping and storing products. The Molding Machines are critical for smooth production of customer orders. The Challenge: KEEP THESE MACHINES

The Molding Machines utilize a carriage system to load molds by dipping them into pulp tanks. These carriages are actuated on steel wheels running on steel rails. The wheels
carry considerable weight, as most carriages involve many heavy molds. The carriage is suspended above the pulp tank. The tank creates a very hot and moisture-laden
environment, which rises and engulfs the carriage assemble.
The extreme pressure caused by the weight of the molds, and the operational environment causes wheel and bearing failures as well as scoring and eventual failure of the rails.

These failures require the machine to be idled for 3 production days for repairs.

The costly repair involves 3 maintenance workers to replace rails, 12 wheels, sleeves and bearings on each machine idled. The biggest cost is however, 3 lost days of production.

Pulsarlube M Single Point Lubricators: The Pulsarlube M, single point automatic grease dispenser, is designed to ensure reliable lubrication and cut lubrication costs by an advanced electronic control mechanism. Mounting Pulsarlube M units on the top of the carriage enables the M unit to dispense grease at exactly the correct position, at the precise amount and at the proper time. The lubricant is supplied in 250cc pouches, which provides 3 full months of reliable operation.

Chesterton 633SXCM Grease: Chesterton's 633 Synthetic Extreme Pressure and Corrosion Resistant Grease is ideal for this application!

633SXCM's Extreme Pressure capacities will dramatically reduce the friction between the wheels and their rails. The addition of Moly enhances the lubricity thus causes less wear. Its unsurpassed shear stability ensures it stays in place to lubricate even in the most difficult applications.

633SXCM's Superior Resistant to washout by water, caustics, acids and steam ensure maximum protection even in extreme moisture environments! 633SXCM can be used in 50% water contamination without diminished performance.

633SXCM's Corrosion Resistance offers protection of up to 10X longer than competitive greases when measured by ASTM test methods.

Pulsarlube M lubricators and Chesterton 633SXCM Synthetic grease have combined achieve the goal of long term reliability to this critical process.

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