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Industries Served
Abrasion Resistance Coatings
Bearing Protection
Corrosion Removal Prevention
Gaskets & Elastomeric Seals
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals
Industrial Floorings
Maintenance Specialty Chemicals
Mechanical Packing
Mechanical Seals
O Rings
Process Pumps
Sanitary Gaskets
Tank Cleaning
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Process Technologies offers a broad range of lubricants, cleaners, and MRO technologies that provide maintenance professionals with critical tools to support their every day work. Our products our designed to provide a safe, environmentally friendly work place while delivering high performance and reliability. Our knowledgeable sales team can work with plant personnel to identify products and develop programs designed to:

Reduce the  Non-value Added, Repetitive Maintenance Functions
Reduce the Volume  of Chemicals Used
Reduce Time for  Mechanical  Maintenance Operations
Improve  the Reliability of Equipment

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